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An interesting thought this – well for me anyway!

Much attention has been given to the self-drive car – soon to be here if you believe the pundits.

By 2020, Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford, GM, Google, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Renault, Tesla, and Toyota all expect to sell vehicles that can drive themselves at least part of the time.

Google you say? Yep, the know-it-all living in all your electronic devices is one of the leaders in this race. Adds a whole new dimension to the statement “Searching Google” doesn’t it?

What, have you misplaced the car again?

And looking at these marvellous creations, I think that many people may want to misplace them!

But, we digress – what will car rental in the future be?

Will you walk up to a car that has conveniently driven itself to your chosen pick up point and swipe your credit card to get in? Or will face recognition come to the fore and you will simply climb in to be whisked away? Perhaps your phone will hold the key to this automotive Pandora’s box and will seamlessly plug you into the car’s electronics.

Does this mean the end of the mythical “best 4×4 / best accelerating / toughest “ rental car everyone loves to talk about? Maybe rentals will have an override switch to still allow the fording of seas and the scaling of mountains. Perhaps the local street drag spot will have a tower over riding the sophisticated electronics controlling these vehicles. And in the event of an accident, or getting washed downstream or forfeiting your “pink slip”? Will we then be able to claim that the electronics went haywire? After all, we will all just be passengers!

And picture the illicit love affair. The couple disembarks from a presumably self-flying plane. Humanoids, hanging from the roof (thus saving space and allowing access to the inner seats which will by then be so closely stacked that entry will only be possible with a crowbar) have been serving them cocktails whilst gently massaging away the daily stresses. Conveyor belts in the airport help them to get to the rental car quickly, where they quickly jump in and….

promptly begin to steam up the windows – why wait for the motel?

And last but by no means least – how do you now explore off the beaten track? Will all the cars still have regular controls? Or will there be every kind of conceivable wave transferring data and information through the whole atmosphere – hopefully not frying our brains in the process! So even the remote mountain passes will now be bathed in transmitting towers. Your long anticipated vacation escape will be like a regular day in the office. Maybe even right down to traffic jams….

Ah, the possibilities are endless are they not?

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